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Faced with stiff competition in a tough market, to really stand out businesses need to reach consumers by using printed material to complement and support their online presence and marketing.

Printed material such as flyers, leaflets, brochures and direct mail are all excellent communication tools. They are the foundation of any well-planned marketing campaign and provide your customers with a tangible document that communicates your most pertinent information in a colourful, well-designed, and informative way.

Even better, when printed in bulk they are a relatively low cost marketing solution.

Good print design is important. In addition to looking good, perceived quality can help ensure your brochure or flyer does not suffer the ‘straight to bin’ fate of so many take-away menus.

Careful planning, design, production and finish of your printed promotional material is key. Get it right and, for little outlay, you will boost sales of your product or service, while defining it in the eyes of potential customers and building brand awareness.

Appleton Design is a specialist in print media. We have been producing specialist brochures and magazines for years and it is this experience, together with your industry knowledge and expertise, that will enable us to confidently create the perfect marketing tool for your business.

'We are extremely happy with the proactive and flexible service Appleton Design provided and with the way the brochure reflects us as a company. We will be recommending, and will continue to do business with, Appleton Design.'

Naomi and Nadine Smith – Pebble UK

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